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What goes around comes around

Last night as I was entering DC’s Metro subway system, there was a tourist standing to the left on the escalator.  One rule all veterans of the subway system know is that you stand to the right and walk down on the left.  There was a man stuck between me and the tourist and I could tell that the man hadn’t/wouldn’t say anything.  So, in my persuasive and commanding voice, I said “Please stand to the right.”

The tourist moved and those on the left side were able to continue walking down the escalator.  The woman who was behind me thanked me.  The man who was in front of me informed me that asking people to move doesn’t always work for him.  I should add that he is Black.  I told him I thought that was unfortunate, but was glad I could help him out.

Tonight after work I decided to have dinner out.  Towards the end of my meal I had a klutzy moment and knocked over my almost empty glass of sangria.  When the bartender worked his way back to my end of the bar, I told him what had happened and apologized.  When he finished cleaning up, he gave me another glass of sangria – FREE.  So, 2 for the price of 1 at Happy Hour prices – I wasn’t complaining.

When I asked him for my bill, he inadvertently gave me the wrong one and was one that was less than half of what I expected mine to total up to.  I called his attention to the oversight and he gave me my correct bill.  After adding a generous tip for the extra, free glass of sangria, I headed across the street to the Hagen Daaz for a chocolate milkshake before heading into the Bed Bath & Beyond.

I’m in Hagen Daaz for all of 5 seconds when a man walks in after me.  He was none other than the man from the escalator last night.  He saw me, came over and asked if I was the woman he met on the escalator.  I told him I was and asked how he was doing.  Since he had an extra, he gave me a coupon for “buy one get one” milkshake free that I can use on my next visit [since I wasn’t buying 2 milkshakes tonight].  He was buying 2 – one for him and one for his brother.  I told him he was a good brother.   I thanked him and wished him a good evening.

I found it amusing that I was getting a chocolate milkshake and he was getting a vanilla milkshake; there’s a certain poetry to that.  A kind of ebony-ivory as performed by Joe Piscapo AKA Frank Sinatra and Eddie Murphy AKA Stevie Wonder on SNL back in 1982.  Here’s a link if you aren’t familiar . . .



Clean Slate

I love how a brand new year gives us a clean slate to make a fresh start.  It gives us the opportunity to do away with the ‘old’ and negative aspects of our lives and replace them with new and positive elements.  And that is what I am doing/have done.  I’ve gotten rid of some dead weight in my life – a person who was more negative and toxic than I had realized.  Guess I had my blinders on or something.  It feels as if the world has been lifted from my shoulders.  Funny, I hadn’t realized how heavy the world was.  Now I do.  2011 will be all about the one – the one being me.  So watch out world!